If you’re single, chances are you’ve seen someone around town that you thought, “Damn I’d like to take you home…” For whatever reason, it didn’t happen.

Maybe you just broke up with that special someone, or maybe that special someone is actually a person who’s been dragging you down.

Either way, there’s going to be a time (or a few) where you want something more than a friend but less than a significant other. What you need, my good friend, is a casual relationship!

A good ol’ hookup will solve all of your problems, or at least that one problem that’s been nagging you for a week or two.

You can’t call up your ex and invite them over; that would be a v​ery ​bad idea. If you did that, either you’d end up back together or you’d hate each other even more.

Neither of those are a good option, especially getting back together (don’t you remember why you broke up in the first place?)

The one stop shop you need is literally a one stop shop­ casual sex, and nothing more.

A new relationship may be a bit too much for the moment, but sex with a hot person who wants nothing more than company for one night sounds pretty great, right?

Right. Now you gotta find someone who you want to take home, and wouldn’t mind going with you.

That’s the tricky bit.

The thing with casual relationships is that they help you tide things over, and keep your head screwed on straight. Sex can be a great stress release, and finding a partner every now and again can provide that.

With a casual relationship, you’re just having sex. Nothing more, nothing less (certainly).

If you embark on a real relationship, you’ll have to deal with stuff that isn’t that great, like arguments, but if you have a friend with benefits, I doubt you’ll have any arguments.

You’ll be too busy having amazing casual sex with each other to give any fucks about anything else. You just have sex with each other, and that’s about it.

When you’re with your friend with benefits, you just have fun. If you have hangout before or after sex, you can just relax and joke around with each other; I mean, you are friends (at least somewhat).

There’s no obligations beyond that, unlike if you were dating someone. You get to have sex with each other, and then you can go do literally whatever you want after that.

Wanna go get drunk with your friends and flirt with some girls? Go right ahead. Want to just chill without any pants on and play video games? Do it, bro.

Whoever you choose to have a casual relationship with will know the rules that go along with the setup. There is some communication that needs to be done, like making sure you both know it’s just casual sex.

But other than that, all you need to do to ensure the casual relationship stays casual is that you don’t catch the feels. Starting to have feelings for the other person will sour the relationship.

You’re just using each other for your bodies, and nothing more. You’re just an outlet for each other where you can just have sex and still enjoy your single lives.

A friends with benefits relationship is a beautiful thing, but it is fragile. A little messing about can ruin the whole thing, and you could even lose a friend if you go about it the wrong way.

While casual sex is just what you need, you do need to ensure that understand each other and know that you’re just in it for the sex. If you miscommunicate or don’t fully understand what the other person wants, you could end up hurt or hurting them.

Most people know what casual sex takes, but not everyone does. Even if you do, some people have found themselves falling for the other person and then getting all confused about what they want.

If you want your casual relationship to thrive, talk with each other about what you’re expecting from this and always be honest. It may seem like you can lie to each other or hide the full truth, but a casual relationship needs the honesty that real relationships require.

Just because you’re only having sex with each other doesn’t mean you can just come and go without a word (lol).

So when you find someone to bring home, make sure they know what your intentions are. If you talk a little beforehand, you can have all the sex you want afterwards and never need to talk about it again.

If you’re in a funk, a little hookup now and then is all you need to get yourself back on track.

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